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News › BTA Autumn league starts August 19.

Dear players,     

August 19th we start with the new Winter league this will run untill November 28.  

Join the biggest Beach tennis league in the world, with over 500 players and 30 categories for all levels!   

- Registration deadline is August 12.

In order to play the league you have to be a BTA member and up to date with your membership

CLASSIFICATION will go by results of the last League played.

And will be determined after all registrations are in.

This means when you registered for a preferred level this will not be a guarantee you play this.






  • Singles Men & Women all levels.

  • Youth singles (4 PM)


  • Women doubles all levels.   

Wednesday night

       -  Cappuccino WOMEN doubles league 8 AM.

        - Mixed doubles all levels & Bucket League (by invitation only).


  • Fun-, Intermediate-, Advanced & Open Men doubles.

  • Youth doubles League.(4 PM – 6 PM).

BTA Tournament Calendar 2020

BTA Tournament Calendar 2020
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